VAPT – All you need to know about Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing

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What would your learn?

  • What is VAPT?
  • Is VAPT necessary for your organization?
  • What are the benefits of VAPT?
  • What services are included under VAPT?
  • Why does your founder and c-suite executive needs VAPT?

This piece will discuss everything there is to know about Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing. We will cover topics, including VAPT, advantages of VAPT, services under VAPT, and more.

Cyber Security Protection Firewall Interface Concept

What is VAPT?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is used to find vulnerabilities or security issues in a network. 

Specifically, it is the collection of security services focusing on locating vulnerabilities in the network, server, and system infrastructure. However, the vital thing to note here is both the services- Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, serve a different purpose. Both the services are targeted to achieve different but complementary goals.

If we go into details, Vulnerability Assessment looks after internal organizational security, whereas Penetration Testing concentrates on outer real-world risks.

In the following two sections, we have tried explaining Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in detail.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

If we must define the Vulnerability Assessment in one line, “Vulnerability Assessment tires to find issues on your network.”

Vulnerability Assessment is continuous yet efficient monitoring of servers, network devices, and systems to identify weaknesses as early as they arise to prevent attacks from malicious users. This assessment is generally limited to internal devices and networks. As you grow it becomes difficult to do VAPT in-house, where we come into picture. We, along with our channel partners, can even do 24/7 watch on your every build going in production.

What is Penetration Testing? 

Penetration Testing estimates how much damage a motivated attacker can cause.

Penetration Testing tries to identify various ways an attacker could use to break into your network; it is an in-depth analysis of the overall security of your platform. Though Penetration Testing might sound similar to Vulnerability Assessment, it differs in that it also identifies the potential damage an attacker can cause once they are past the perimeter.

Why do you need VAPT?

Modern cybercriminals have the best tools at their disposal; you find and block a vulnerability, they will find another in no time. Hence, it is of utmost importance to regularly check your firm’s cyber security. That’s where VAPT comes in; it is the best way to protect your organization against malicious attackers. Not only will it help you detect security weaknesses, but it will also help you fix them. In addition to that, it will also help you to achieve GDPR, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS standards.

Why does your founder or c-suite needs this report?

  1. Every investor in the modern world asks for compliances and vapt reports to do due diligence before investing in your business.
  2. For B2B businesses, all enterprise customers ask for all the security reports before performing vendor onboarding.
  3. This report would give your business executive confidence and increase business.
  4. It increases security in the engineering processes by providing technical gaps and remedies.

Why choose us as your VAPT provider?

Va2PT offers you comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services. We have the required accreditations. More importantly, our team comprises seasoned professionals with expertise in detecting security risks and offering support to fix them. In other words, we are among the best security consultants in the market. Our experts can help find your organization data in the darknet.

You can contact us to know more.